That Lived​-​In Look

by Darren Frank

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Amanda H
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Amanda H Simply put, Darren Frank is a masterful singer-songwriter of contemporary folk that showcases incredibly vivid lyrics with a rich, resonant voice. This album is a truly enjoyable experience that I would heartily recommend to others and it is one that I listen to regularly. Favorite track: I Know You Know.
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"Darren Frank’s second album — his first full-length — is like its predecessor, sneakily solid, full of twists. Like Hadrian’s Column in Rome, a carved spiral of eroded stories immune to the eternal bustle and shill around them, fast-forwarding through the sunsets. The music fits this, as if built of both stone and light, endurance and electronica."

- Fish Griwkowsky - SEE Magazine


released March 16, 2010


all rights reserved



Darren Frank Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Eye Captain
Eye Captain

I work all day
I beg for change
I pay and pay

I’m burning toast
I’m cooking bacon naked
My brain is eggs

It’s dusted off from the attic and in the basement
I kept and saved it

Give me swagger give me soul
Tell me that it’s rock and roll
If you didn’t before than now you know

I fling my shit
Sinks' full ‘o dishes
I sin and lick my fingers

We are the same
We worship Satan
and all creation

we are at odds
we worship God
I’ll bet his head is shaking
Track Name: Can You See?
Can You See?

Wet like water
Dry like ice
Cold as shoulders can be
Bothered hot
Outta the inside

In the shadows
In the dark
Can’t quite make the shapes out
What they’re up to
What they are

Hard to focus
Hard to say
One went one direction
Another way
Any moment now
The flare should find
Whatever was or wasn’t there or otherwise

Can you see?
With this light
It’s like waking from a bad dream
Close your eyes
Oh so tight
And you’re living off your last dime
Crystal vision
X-ray eyes
Bulbs fluorescent buzzing
Over the line

When it dances
And cascades
All the colours flooding
And every shade

And as it flashes
It shines so bright
What’s been dying
Comes to life again
Any moment now
The flair should find
Whatever was or wasn’t there or otherwise
Track Name: I Am A Builder
I Am A Builder

I build with my hands
I’m ready to start
I work with tempered tools and so I’m using my heart

I’m framing a home
The base is cement
I’ll need a concrete plan and so I’m using my head


I am a builder and I will build you up
When at time s our own lives will be under construction
We are pillars
The strongest of structures
We are all builders
And our work is not done here

To carry a load
I’m making it easier
I’m watching my back and so I lift with my knees yeah

The sites’ a success
When no materials’ wasted
If put through inspection
Anything that I’m faced with won’t crack my foundation

Layers upon layers are stacked on top of one another
They will not fall
They will not topple
From the smallest shack
To the highest tower
Track Name: Show And Tell
Show and Tell

I thought I had it backwards
I turned myself around
And pulled myself together
And turned it inside-out

If only now
If only now….

I should have seen it coming
Can’t say that I was shocked
They said they saw me running
Before I hit the rocks

What would you do now?

If I have things to be told then tell me
If you think I’ve things to see then show me
I am listening here my eyes are open
Show and tell me

I wobble and I wonder
Who pays for all my sins?
My knees they knock together
I’m talking to my limbs

Don’t fail me now
Legs don’t fail me now
To finish what I started
I’ll finish when I’m done
We’ll settle on the payment
And settle on the sum

What would you do now?

If I have things to be told then tell me
If you think I’ve things to see then show me
I’m am listening here my eyes are open
Show and tell me

Caught me on my back foot
Done my homework
Like a long-lost friend
Finally and I see it
So help me now
Or I’ll do it again
I’ve felt it
I’ve held it Inside my hand
Vitamin e and aloe won’t help me now
I can hardly wait to give my heart a break
Track Name: Break Up Break Down

You were before but now you’re not so sure
Because what you thought is not what you want anymore
Bridges were blown up and the sirens sounded
We tripped the alarm and started the break up break down

Maybe to you the truth was a hard sell
But it’s got me confused
Is it still a lie when you’re lying to yourself?
When the wires were crossed the signal started breaking up
And the message was lost communication broke down

But you talk with your hands a string and a can
To cut through all the static and snow
But when the word gets through you thought you knew
But know you know

If you never talk you’ll never start breaking the skin
When your lips are locked
I aint talkin’ ‘bout kissin’

And you never spoke the words right outta your mouth
To get what you both need
So you can figure yourself out

So hungry but you’ve lost your appetite
And you don’t wanna eat no
Because you know what it tastes like

Thought I dialed the number right
As if that was all it took
Oh but you’ll never get through when the phone is off the hook
Track Name: Trophy Lives
Trophy Lives

In the morning in the evening and the afternoon
On a park bench at the office in the bedroom
Taking shits and talking business talking on the phone
Pushing carts they live in boxes and in warm homes

In the city, in the country and the in between
In a galaxy
Paying taxes, stuck in traffic stuck in a groove
Taking breaks then back to workplaces back to school

Lives carry on
And I can be found living some of them
Where are they now?

Some will give in and some will try
Put their feet up and break their spines
Taking and giving and living trophy lives

BBQ - ing buying new shoes watch the news
Selling vacuums, soccer practice, eating a meal
Sleeping dreaming keeping secrets keeping it real

Lives carry on
And I can be found living some of them
Where are they now?

Some will give in in and some will try
Put their feet up and break their spine
They've got theirs and I've got mine
Participating and living trophy lives

There's a light on in my house
and it fills the rooms the windows too
And if it burns out I change the bulb
It's good as new!
Track Name: Engage The Core
Engage The Core

So you've found the source now find the center
Then press down and hit enter
Engage the core
Make it so

With isolated muscles working
You'll see results if you feel the burn
And the sets and the reps and the sweat drips wet
but it's worth it

And it's not working out and you're not ready
You try and pick up the pace but the weights too heavy
So sore your energy stores are strained drained and empty

Your condition says t resist this training
but you push through cause it's a good kind of pain
You're gonna feel it tomorrow and even more the next day

Then it's back for more to engage the core

And I wish you the best yeah I wish you luck
As you squish through the shit and you swim in the muck
You can get dirty quick but you sure clean up nice

Cause it suits your style for so many reasons
That lived-in look is in this season
And you wear it out so you can wear it in

You rush to the stores and you don't mind the tags
Restock the shelves cause they fly off the racks
And you didn't before but know you just gotta have 'em

Then it's back for more to engage the core

Every time I see it go down
Sure enough it comes around again
Even when I think it's through what does it do? A little more
Every time I see it around
Lo and behold it let's me know
Everything has a way of coming around

So it's back to the start after the finish
It's all happened before and this'll happen again
We've reached the end and so it begins...
Track Name: And Ever On
And ever on

In the night
In the cold cold night
The river runs
But the rivers’ wide

And on the bank
Along abandoned shores
The river ran
But not any more

And the memories seem to stick around
Like a doormat that’s worn it’s welcome out
And the melody stays inside your head
When the song it’s from has already ended

And you can try to hold up the seting sun
But it’ll burn your hands
It can’t be done

And if it’s not yours to hold
Don’t cling so tight to it
You gotta let it go
And let dead dogs lie

And the memories seem to stick around
Like a visitor who’s worn his welcome out
And the melody plays on and on
Till you can’t recall what song it’s from

In the light
In the soft warm light
It overflows and the waters’ nice

And on the bank of newly discovered shores
The river ran
But not anymore

And the memories that you’re making now
Are the ones you won’t soon forget about
And they’ll hang around as long as you let ‘em last


In the night in the cold cold night
The river runs but the rivers’ wide
When fairs’ not fair and it doesn’t seem right
You know it’s never wrong to endeavor on
What’s done is done
And ever on
And ever on

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